The resins are brought to the production site on the slopes of Mt. Kenya and steam distilled to extract the organic frankincense essential oil and packed in UN – approved steel drums ready for export.

The oil is matured in glass vats for a minimum of six months before export, which improves the quality to give a rounded, sweet, fruity aroma.

Boswellia neglecta essential oil has similar applications in the personal care industry as other frankincense species. It is excellent for dry and mature skin and is said to preserve a youthful complexion and prevent wrinkles. Often used for its healing properties. It is relaxing and calming and is particularly helpful in inducing sleep.


“I love this oil : ) smells amazing. I’m using it in an anti – ageing mixture around my eyes. This frankincense makes it very luxurious and wonderful”

“The woody smell is very subtle and less strong compare to other frankincense essential oils and for me much more pleasant”

Storage and aromatic maturation of frankincense essential oil