The raw wild harvested plant material is delivered to the production site of Arbor Oils of Africa where oil and perfume extraction are carried out and the final products made and packaged.

We have a distillation plant with a satellite boiler and use direct steam to extract the essential oil perfumes

The Cape Chestnut seeds are cold pressed using a Komet screw expeller. Seeds are fed into the hopper together with dried aromatic plant material. Under pressure the extracted oil absorbs the perfume and colour of the dried herbs and roots, resulting in a naturally coloured and perfumed oil. This forms the basis of all the soaps, massage oils and moisturising creams

In the laboratory the extracted oils and distilled perfumes are made into the body care products.

In the packing room bulk essential oils of myrrh and frankincense are packed in laquered steel drums for export. The finished body care products are bottled or gift wrapped in locally crafted banana fibre boxes or wooden bowls.

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