Natural effective repellent against the malaria mosquito.

Effective against the deadly malaria mosquito
Up to 6-8 hours protection
Contains no DEET or toxic chemicals
Non-sticky, pleasing smell
Also repels ticks
Liquid formulation   Oil formulation

Arbor mosquito repellent is natural, effective and contains no DEET

It has been tested in an internationally recognised laboratory against the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae and the grass mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus. Under laboratory conditions the liquid emulsion formulation gives 95% protection up to 4 hours and 85% protection up to 8 hours. This formulation is non-sticky, user friendly and can be sprayed on.

The oil formulation gives 100% protection up to 6 hours and 98% protection up to 8 hours.

Both formulations have a pleasing smell. Protection in the field will be more than the laboratory cage tests but will vary according to individual attraction to mosquitoes, degree of perspiration and abrasion from sheets and clothing.

The active ingredient has also been tested as an effective tick repellent

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