Arbor Oils of Africa specialises in distilling essential oils from the resins of the family Burseraceae - frankincense, myrrh and opoponax.

The resins are brought to the production site where they are steam distilled to extract the essential oils. Each of the different species of Boswelia and Commiphora essential oils has a distinctive aroma.

The trees are spiny and leafless for most of the year and found in the semi deserts of northern Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. The aromatic resins exude from cuts in the bark caused by insect or mechanical damage and are collected by nomadic pastoralists

Arbor Oils of Africa can guarantee traceability and authenticity for each of the different resin essential oils

The frankincense essential oil is certified organic by IMO KE-BIO-143.


The myrrh oils, hagar and malmal invigorate the immune system. The frankincense oils are very useful against respiratory problems such as asthma and have an uplifting calming effect. They are also skin regenerative. Use 1-2 drops in the bath or 5 drops in 10ml of massage carrier oil.
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