In northern Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia are vast areas of harsh semi-desert populated by nomadic pastoralists who keep camels and goats. This arid area is the habitat of the spiny leafless Commiphora and Boswelia trees which exude aromatic resins from their stems
Many of the nomadic tribes have a long tradition of perfumery mixing resins with other aromatic woods to make incense

In northern Kenya Arbor Oils of Africa and Arid Land Resources Ltd. have organically certified the frankincense from Boswelia species and myrrh from Commiphora species.

There are over 100 households registered collectors who are mainly women and collection is organized and sustainable.

This has played a significant role in poverty reduction in this group. Plans are afoot to organically certify frankincense and myrrh from other areas.

Organised sustainable collection for the commercial market, builds on a tradition and provides a viable alternative income to livestock husbandry. This helps to relieve the pressure of over-grazing on the rangeland
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